Paul Geissbühler + Partner Ltd




The majority of our clients are interested in long-term growth. Hence, to a greater or lesser degree, we invest the portfolios under our management in equities, and back up our choice of equities with in-depth analyses of companies and industries. We prefer leading and well-managed enterprises in growing industries.


The investments in portfolios are geared to the individual preferences of the clients and the investment opportunities in the markets. We offer conservative, balanced and growth-oriented portfolio strategies with a variable mix of direct investments in equities and fixed-income securities.

Jointly defined portfolio strategies


The individual strategies take into account the different risk profiles of our clients. They are defined jointly at the start and periodically confirmed or adjusted. In growth-oriented portfolios, we also invest in smaller companies, which promise higher growth potential, whereas investments in established companies in the relevant industries dominate in the balanced and conservative portfolios.

In terms of stock selection, our focus is on the markets in Europe and North America. Depending on demand and attractiveness, we cover the other regions of the world with Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).