Portfolio management

Paul Geissbühler + Partner offers individual and international asset management to private clients. We handle portfolios in the major Western currencies. 


at a glance

Generally, we invest directly in shares, bonds, convertible bonds and cash. If investments are required in fields we do not cover directly, we use Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). 

Leave your investment decisions to us

Your investment targets and risk preferences will be determined during a personal meeting. Management of the portfolio is then transposed into a mandate based on the mutually defined investment strategy. Hence, you can leave the investment decisions to the experts.

Our firm does not accept any retrocessions from banks or brokers. Therefore, our clients benefit from better conditions and lower brokerage fees. We will be happy to advise you individually on the broad range of possibilities.

International clientele

Paul Geissbühler + Partner Ltd is an asset management company with core competence in international portfolio management and focus on upscale, international clientele.

No conflicts of interest

For questions related to tax and estate planning, its clients seek the advice of independent specialists. The company’s exclusive focus on portfolio management helps it to avoid any potential conflicts of interest. 

Independent management

Our balance sheet does not contain any customer funds and poses no counterparty risk for clients. We do not operate any commercial lending business and do not participate in syndicates. Our clients maintain their own accounts at their bank. The management mandate merely allows us to manage the portfolio, however not to transfer cash or assets. 



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